Nationales Referenzzentrum
für Surveillance
von nosokomialen Infektionen


Module Summary


Surveillance goal: Consumption surveillance

Surveillance principle: Ward or functional area-based

Patient group: Inpatients, outpatients


HAND-KISS: Alcohol-based handrub consumption (AHC) surveillance at the level of wards or functional areas (e.g. dialysis, endoscopy)

HAND-KISS_AMBU: AHC surveillance in outpatient care (clinical practice, outpatient dialysis centers, radiology centers, first aid centers, etc.) and in outpatient home care

HAND-KISS (Alcohol-based handrub consumption surveillance)

Hand hygiene (HH) action is still one of the most effective means of preventing health care-associated infections and is among standard procedures for treating hospital patients.

When carried out before infection-relevant tasks, HH actions can decrease the risk of infection for patients. When carried out after potentially contagious tasks, HH actions can decrease the risk of transmitting disease agents and can contribute to the protection of staff health.

Observational studies have proven that there is potential for optimising hand disinfection frequencies. Surveillance makes sense not only because it provides clues for identifying problem areas but also because data collection and area-specific feedback often improve the situation. Because observations of the hand disinfection frequency are very expensive and can only include short periods of time, recording alcohol-based hand rub usage and the resulting number of disinfections per patient day can provide information to the degree of hand disinfection implementation.

HAND-KISS has therefore the goal of stimulating increased alcohol-based handrub usage in wards with similar kinds of patients.


HAND-KISS is divided into the following sub-modules:

HAND-KISS_S for inpatient care units in hospitals

HAND-KISS_F for functional areas in hospitals

HAND-KISS_A for emergency medical services and outpatient centers

HAND-KISS_P for nursing homes


Participants in "AKTION SAUBERE HÄNDE," a Germany-wide campaign to promote hand hygiene in health care facilities, are required to participate in HAND-KISS. It serves as an assessment tool to indirectly measure improved compliance.

See www.aktion-sauberehaende.de for more information about the campaign.

It is possible to participate in HAND-KISS without taking part in the campaign.